Ceremonia de Visitante Distinguido al Sr. George Mavrikos, secretario general de la Federación Sindical Mundial

Mancera CDMXDate: 26  APRIL 2017

Location: Hall of Cabildos the Old Palace Hall.

Good evening to all, all of you, I am very pleased to welcome Mr. George Mavrikos, who is general secretary of the WFTU.


I want to contextualize his visit because we are about to commemorate Labor Day, we are close to endorse many of the characteristics of the union struggle that we are about to hear tasks, the voice of workers, the voice of the field and today I really give taste receive him.


I welcome the presence of President of the Government Commission of the Legislative Assembly, just as the president of the Superior Court of this city, and every one of the leaders of the different groups in defense of the country, unions our president of Trade Union of Workers of the Government of Mexico City.


I am happy to be here this emblematic place in the Hall Councils, space where Primo de Verdad made the first declaration of independence of our country and today is our greatest hall of the Government of Mexico City.


It is a pleasure to be with us Secretary General of the WFTU, we know that leadership that you represent is very important in the working world wrestling theme.


Quite simply 92 million people is what you represent, I listened to the different leaderships to call you the top leader, our ultimate union leader and that is very significant for us because this city, Mexico City is in permanent evolution rights of workers.


Hand workers union Government of Mexico City have reviewed the general working conditions, we have achieved substantial benefits for our fellow workers and we are increasingly looking for new stages and new forms of opportunity.


But I am also convinced to do a very important job in the field of our country, I am convinced that the peasants when they are given technology, the necessary supports are able to multiply the benefits for themselves and for others and that is a very important task that we want to promote.


We have examples that sometimes very clear from what we can find out how micro replicates in the macro, so we are convinced this task.


Here in Mexico City began a very important fight, Mr. Secretary General, who is the dignity of the minimum wage, a constitutional guarantee work we are endorsing and have resonated with rural people.


We have found an echo in the various unions and I’m sure also internationally may be discussed. I know you have a very important meeting where leaders from around the world of union struggle will be gathered, then I think you will hear the voice of Professor Alvaro this task also has the City of Mexico and this vocation of defense working class.


Mexico needs to turn our eyes to the working class, it seems that since the revolution itself where there were some gaps where they could not consolidate some of the struggles of these tasks, from there we have a score to settle.


Then this will be a great opportunity, know you that the Cabinet of the City of Mexico and with our colleagues who are with us today, it gives me great pleasure, sir World Secretary General George Mavrikos declare to you Distinguished Visiting Mexico City.


Up confirming the joint commitment in the global labor struggle, the struggle of peasants, rural workers in the world, men and women who are now making a substantial effort to feed the world and to keep the economy running also throughout the world.


So leaderships as you represent, I am convinced that in a building with different governments can find and can find specific solutions that we all do well.


Whether you are very welcome to Mexico City and I am honored to declare Distinguished Visitor, thank you very much.