Acciones emergentes para dotar de Vivienda a los trabajadores de la CDMX

ActionsDate: 25  APRIL 2017

Location: Patio Palace East Old Town Hall.

Very good day. Glad to receive them and welcome all of you. I want to reiterate welcome each and every one of the members of the head table and all who have joined us, thank you very much for coming to our friends from the media. Thanks to all guilds from different schools who have participated in these tasks.


My appreciation to the deputies, the deputies who, with effort and dedication, brought the best for regulatory frameworks to those involved in the field of construction industry employers. In all groups affected and of course also to agencies, institutions responsible for building housing the Government of the Republic, the FOVISSSTE, INFONAVIT, thank you very much for all the support to reach this important announcement.


The president of the National Chamber of Industry Development and Promotion of Housing, CANADEVI with Lydia, we made this commitment: to work together, work each and all in one line of action, which could encourage housing construction average interest and social interest in Mexico City.


This because? so here it explained. Because we are living together here today, at this hour, between 15 and 16 million people, working hard and staying in the city only nine million. Mean that all the others have to leave the city not by will, not because they want to live outside the city, but because not enough to live in Mexico City.


And much of this has to do with public policies that were followed for housing outside Mexico City where they were offered to workers move to an hour, two hours and three hours away from the city.


Obviously given the lack of housing and the opportunity to get it before it was accepted, but it is not optimal; It is not what we want for our human development in Mexico City.


Improve the conditions of workers in the government has been a task that we have set in different lines of action both in their general working conditions, and how to manage work time, and the benefits too and rights working women.


This was a task that had pending, I want to acknowledge here the work they have done, who have carried out the deputies and deputies of the Legislative Assembly who are with us today, to all of you my gratitude because it was an achievement very was important that the Housing Act of Mexico City without it, we would not today talking about this possibility, we would not be today with this substantial progress.


So all of them, all of them thank you very much, Congressman Raúl Flores who is secretary of the Commission for Human Development, the deputy Dunia president of the Housing Commission, the deputy Margarita Martinez Fisher president of Commission of Development and Infrastructure , the deputy Rebeca Peralta of the Housing Commission deputy Francis Pirin and tobacconist who also has to do with this very important part of mobility in Mexico City. To all of you thank you very much and our recognition always this important effort.


Ads that have been linked giving way, which have been concatenated because after this we had a very important announcement INFONAVIT, where INFONAVIT policy now allows workers to have real purchasing power. We have already talked on other occasions, but have only an expectation of 900 thousand pesos credit, happen to have an expectation of credit up to one million 700 thousand pesos, which completely changes the picture.


If we are now talking about buying housing in Mexico City. Not the other way home we were talking about Mexico City, but to drive again, throwing people to buy homes but outside this capital.


So also our appreciation for this task, in the same manner as FOVISSSTE joined this work. And of course, I can not fail to mention, the steel industry, all we have committed in the signing of the agreement, notaries, whom we will make the greatest efforts to cut costs, to decrease the cost of construction and to bring people to purchase housing.


The commitment we are now proposing is basically this, emerging equities one standard already explained here, a rule that will allow a significant densification of Mexico City, making a new modern approach, which serve people more needs and of course the start of works being promoted by the Government of Mexico City.


This firm, this great deal is part of these emerging equities. All we have here committed will be working on this task.


One of the first announcements we are doing today is building in Santa Martha Acatitla of 703 social housing for our workers the Government of Mexico City, this is the first project, the first, because we are on 200 homes thousand more.


What we will be in the next two years complementing a figure of one thousand 900 homes for this purpose, for the purpose of workers in the Government of Mexico City, we will try to return to the city that they work to live and not they have to make these journeys that truly affect the entire family structure.


And in the same way, I want to emphasize again, underline, this announcement we made the president of CANADEVI, while greeting the president that from there we started with this commitment and now comes to honor the president of CANADEVI; 20 thousand homes are looking to develop in Mexico City.


And important figures were here, I would say that this investment of 50 billion that has been said is also very important in generating employment.


It is an economic engine for the City of Mexico, is a story that will not only directly affect the benefit of families who will be favored with this construction, but also in direct jobs, indirect jobs in the same economy Mexico City.


And another ad that will leave approximately pours three billion for infrastructure in Mexico City, in marked manner and predominantly for hydraulic structure Mexico City.


Ie allocate it to a task that we have very marked with Ramón Aguirre. We will fight leaks in Mexico City for a way to have more water in the city, it is to prevent nearly 40 percent of the water is being wasted on leaks.


So this will destine to strengthen our infrastructure Mexico City requiring several, several thousand million pesos in investment. So, are very important announcements, we are also doing today with the testimony of quality of president of the Commission on Human Rights at hand.


The commitment to devote a vocation of solidarity city, as it marks our Constitution, this is the benefit of housing, the right to housing keeping all people.


The right to housing is enshrined in our Constitution, in Article ninth in subsection E and we are now seeing is a reality; hence the importance of consolidating our legal frameworks in a scheme of modernity and benefit for all people.


A city, as mentioned here, a much more livable city, a city that also return to social justice towards their workers; do not have to send them to live elsewhere, we want to live here in Mexico City, we will do with this strategy, from here forward.


So an important announcement in Mexico City, emerging equities to provide housing for workers. Today the announcement: these more than 700 homes in Santa Martha Acatitla; which it is not a thing we will see whether or not happen, but in the coming days and will be placing the first stone.


Thanks to all who assume this commitment, thanks to the business sector, thanks again to the schools who have joined us today for engineers, architects, everyone in this sum and in this task.


Again deputies and of course, each and every one of you. Thank you very much and very good day.