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Date: 29  June 2017


After heavy widespread rains that occurred in the north of the capital city’s Thursday afternoon for the second consecutive day, the Mayor of Mexico City, Miguel Angel Mancera Espinosa, went to the Center’s facilities Command, Control, Computer, Communications and Citizen Contact (C4) to monitor the action protocol emergency in order to monitor the operational care to the affected population, activated from Wednesday, by which emergency numbers will remain active until the weekend.

Miguel-Angel Mancera Espinosa-

“All systems Civil Defense, Public Security, social support, monitoring, we are on alert, the secretaries are in charge of the whole operation,” said the capital’s president.

Miguel-Angel-Mancera Espinosa

Afternoon rain north of the CDMX reached levels of 83 millimeters mostly affecting roads in the north without report injured people have.

Miguel Mancera-

Road affectations focused on the Whereabouts of Indios Verdes place, he said, is working staff of the Public Security Secretariat (SSP CDMX) with a display of more than 3 thousand 500 elements, ongoing support as he made Wednesday in Azcapotzalco Miguel Hidalgo and delegations.


As for the Collective Transport System (STC), he explained that the Metro lines operating normally, with the Martín Carrera station on Line 4, the most affected area and Indios Verdes.

Miguel-Angel Mancera Espinosa

The CDMX works in coordination with the National Meteorological Service (SMN), an organization that has reported that this weather phenomenon will last until the weekend, with a trend shift to the south.

Miguel-Angel Mancera

“We are reporting this tropical storm that is affecting us, not just Mexico City, but to others, it will prolong until Saturday, that is, we can still expect tomorrow heavy rain, to start regularly on Sunday. We will be monitoring the development of cloud cover, it will continue to rain. I ask the people who are attentive to warnings if we have a greater concentration where it can cause another focused intense rain like we had, “he explained.


The Head of Government noted that since the C4 will continue to monitor the work of desilting and, according to the SACMEX decreased water level in the next few hours is expected.


These tasks installing three spaces for food delivery in affected areas adds. Rations come from public and community kitchens of the Ministry of Social Development (SEDESO). These will be found located at:


-Deportivo José María Morelos y Pavon corner Trasimeno Lake and Lake Erne, Colonia Pensil Norte, Miguel Hidalgo


-Hospital General La Villa. Avenida San Juan de Aragon 285, Colonia Granjas Modernas, Gustavo A. Madero.


-Calle José J. Herrera 151, Colonia Martín Carrera, delegation Gustavo A. Madero.


Havana’s president explained that proceeded to the evacuation of six patients from the emergency department and intensive care unit of Hospital General La Villa, for cleaning during the early hours in areas where leaks were recorded.


He invited the population to remain pending notices through various media that CDMX made available. On Twitter, @ciudad_segura, LOCATEL @locatel_mx -where have received about 400 reports via Telefónica- and line care SEDESO at number 5345 8265, where they can request support from household goods in households so required.


He also called for no littering in the street, because this action contributes to intensify the collapse of strainers, while urged to denounce acts of abuse in tariffs for public transport concession.


Havana’s president was accompanied by the Secretaries of Government, Patricia Mercado Castro; of SEDESO, José Ramón Gálvez Amieva; SSP CDMX, Hiram Almeida Estrada; Civil Protection, Fausto García Lugo; and CEOs Water System (SACMEX), Ramon Aguirre Diaz, and the SCT, Jorge Gaviño Ambriz and coordinator Cabinet city government, Julio Chavez Serna, and the director of C4, Idris Rodriguez Zapata.