Presentación del Torneo Lorena Ochoa Match Play

Lorena tournamentDate: April 26, 2017
Location: Patio Palace East Old Town Hall.
Good day to all of you, we are pleased to receive them , to join us in these government offices in Mexico City.

Greet Lorena Ochoa, give new account welcome, to congratulate you on all your accomplishments, of course, and we are confident that this will be another world-class event for those who are accustomed Mexico City to the people who visit us and who here we inhabit.

I also greet the President of the Board of the Club de Golf Mexico, the engineer Mario Zertuche, which has a lifetime taking care of this beautiful area of ​​the city, the capital of the Republic, and strangers are astonished when they see it.

Many people can not believe that in such urban areas as Mexico City, is these spaces that allow the practice of sport, as well said now is a sport that is now to be included in the race of the Olympics .

I also greet the representative of CONADE and at the same time sent a strong hug and thank holder support there for the City of Mexico in sports promotion.

Aeromexico also thank the sponsors: Aeroméxico, Delta for making this possible. The City Government is a facilitator and of course, we are convinced that this work is indispensable.

Mexico City has several vocations, has a vocation culture, has a vocation for fun, has a vocation also to see many natural beauties that are around, have a financial power too, which is another of his vocations . But in this government we are exploiting a position it has achieved, which is a vocation of sport.

Mexico City today, I no longer have no doubt keep saying it every time we have this opportunity go-and that is often when we have opportunity to talk about sport in the city, and we are talking about world-class events such as the we present today, so we insist that it is the city, the Sports Capital of our country.

You can find absolutely all sports around the world are presenting here in your city, in Mexico City. We are still making more efforts, do not stop, we will continue to work and we will continue to push several of these tasks.

Of course golf has been a sport that we repositioned, something that was only, as the engineer said Zertuche well as relegated to certain nuclei of society. Today it is close to people because we are driven these tournaments, this kind of very important tournaments where we can see great players, great players.

This discipline golf is having such a major boom and players and players play very happy here, because otherwise they would not be participating in both Mexico City. For all that implies, logistics, all implying the capital of the Republic.

Today Mexico City as we all know is home to the “World Golf Championships”, one of the four most important tournaments of the PGA Tour and the “Bridgestone America’s Golf Cup” which is another event driven where we had the opportunity to greet Tiger Woods, who stunned must be said, when he saw the fields we have here in Mexico City also stayed.

And he said to me, “and good where are we going to shoot?”. We were there on that day the Altar to the Fatherland, and said, “Is it here strip in Mexico City?”; I said, “No, wait till you see the field to give you an idea of ​​where strip here in this city.”

Within this framework of major golf events, today we have the Citibanamex “Lorena Ochoa Match Play”; she already explained. This is the new face of the tournament “Lorena Ochoa Invitational” that has been done, and is going to be the edition number 10, but a change has changed.

He changed and changed not only dated, that’s one of the changes, one of the movements, now it will be from 4 to 7 May; but also change that will participate Lorena, because she will compete.

He changed because he will do in competition format is known as match play and precisely that format was well enterándome these details, it is a competition one by one.

It’s not a competition like we’re used to seeing in golf, only addition and subtraction of points, shots, peers, but this is a competition one by one and thus will go ‘I imagine-eliminating until the winner of this.

This is a very important tournament because it is part of the official tour of the LPGA “Ladies Professional Golf Association” and this format because I think it is going to be something that will motivate more competitions take place because it will be much more exciting.

I want to wish you every success in its competition Lorena, now congratulate all the players who will be here, 64 players from which 20 of them are best positioned within the “RolexWomen’sWorld Golf Ranking” there will be special invitations also the organizing committee and the rest will be made up of the top ranked players from the LPGA list.

I mean it is, there is no doubt that it is a world class event, no doubt, already mentioned here that there will be in the program an exhibition, this exhibition is called the “Hall of Famers Golf Exhibition” since there they will be figures of world golf, Lorena us and explained the world number one will play in this exhibition.

So for all those who like golf, for fans, for all those who love the sport because there is, we will have this world class tournament, we will also have invitations usual for those who follow us social networks, for people who like golf so they can accompany these great players in their competition.

I just reiterate my congratulations to Lorena Ochoa for his talent, his dedication as a player worth remembering nothing more and nothing less than has 27 LPGA titles, 158 consecutive weeks as number one on the professional circuit and of course also as people recognize that Lorena is an altruistic person, is dedicated to supporting a foundation and that it is also worthwhile to recognize that sport is not just for personal satisfaction but also allows help and find relief for many people as it is doing Lorraine His homework.

I also reiterate our thanks once again to the sponsors Aeromexico, Delta and my congratulations to Club de Golf Mexico remains a scenario, a spectacular setting within the City of Mexico and we will continue to have many more events I am sure that these are like magnets, are magnetic.

When you know you have an event of this kind here come organizers, sometimes from the same guests there are organizers of such events and when they see what’s in Mexico City since it autoinvitan and begin to take the steps and we we are happy that this kind of events in our city are given.

Congratulations Lorena, I wish you success in this competition will be very careful that you go well and your good return for the professional circuits is also very good news for our country.

So thanks to everyone involved, congratulations to Horacio and continue with our commitments to all our source and the press still have more surprises in sport.

We have not finished, Mexico City will remain surprise in this world-class sport and followed positioning itself as the Capital of Sport in our country, thank you, very good day to have a good time.