Puesta en Operación de 4 Trenes para las Líneas 1, 2, 7 y 9 del STC

putDate: 26  APRIL 2017

Location: Talleres Zaragoza

Very good morning to all of you dear comrades of the Collective System, Metro. I greet as always with appreciation Mr. General Secretary of the National Union of Public Transport System, Metro.


I also greet the gentlemen engineers who have joined us today; President of the Mexican Union of Engineering Associations; of course also, the General Director of the Mexican Association of Railroads; our CEO.


And I want to start off by saying that we are moving forward with commitments to colleagues. You heard yesterday, surely, we signed a number of commitments to continue working on the issue of housing for workers in the government of Mexico City.


Yesterday we undertook these actions, just as we have been working precisely with the engineer Fernando Espino; and we will continue in that commitment secretary. We will continue working so that our partners may have housing Metro here in Mexico City. That’s our fellow commitment and we will continue in that line of action. That’s the first thing I wanted to comment.


Another important thing is to note that today the Mexico City Metro Metro is the cheapest and the world; we were second, there were around for a Metro in China it was cheaper, but now the Mexico City Metro, again, is the cheapest Metro around the world. And besides, the Metro has more social benefits for the entitlements for the elderly, for the differentiated tariffs for each and every one of the tasks where society meets.


Government’s commitment to the City of Mexico in this effort to maintain this rate, despite the pressures exchange rate and pressures of fuel energy that have come to pass, certainly all operating costs System Collective transport.


We have talked to the engineer Mr. Fernando Espino, with the Secretary General, the General Director of Metro and with each and every one of those responsible in the area of ​​finance, Government of Mexico City and we are making this effort.

Today we recognize our employees. Today we turn to recognize because, friends from the media tell them that just as we were just a couple of nights here reviewing this work and observing the Herculean task they do every day here our workers, because for shows a button.


Beyond the backs of our colleagues is a train that will have to be involved and on this side the result of their work, their effort and commitment. This implementation of the trains going to start now, will benefit more than 500 thousand people for each of the trips made in intervals that will add up to thousands of others in their journeys.


Because we are now manufacturing these parts, we are having more technology transfer, it is investing more in the training. And the commitment that we have raised is that our colleagues in the Metro again be those who manufacture trains and do not have to be buying trains abroad, but is right here where all that resource for the benefit system itself stays Public transport, Metro. So strengthen the Metro that is the task we have.


We’ve heard the CEO many of the things that are being done; people are noticing this change in the seasons; of course, also in the running.


We had a talk with our engineer Alma which stayed a couple of nights ago here in the workshops- and she told us, with over 20-25 years of experience, “they had never improved conditions for labor, for example, in pits “-Here is the engineer, who looks very young also told him that day, and has more than 20 years secretary wanted here, it seems that arrived yesterday, looks good very jovencita- as she gave us aware of all this, all these jobs.


So we go to benefit our workers with better equipment, improving their workshops, improving conditions in providing the services, also giving higher performance, as is the case in housing- and at the same time, improving the operating conditions and service to citizens, with this recovery train.


105 detainees have had trains, as equivalent to more than three full lines of Collective Transport System; That’s what we could not afford. Thanks to their work, thanks comrades, today we recognize once again.


Let’s give citizens today and recovered these trains, and monitored. Lines 1, 2, 7, 9, they will have new trains running through the efforts of each and every one of you; are the men and women recognize Metro. Union General Secretary, thank you very much also for all the support and coordination throughout.


And good news for Mexico City. We will deliver the trains. See you very soon, very good day.