70s Fashion: Earthy Tones, Bohemian Styles, and Oversized Accessories

The Hottest 70s Styles

After the unrest of the 60s, many people sought to slow down and reconnect with nature. This was reflected in earthy colour palettes and bohemian styles like crotchet and patchwork.

Stevie Nicks of Fleetwood Mac exemplified this style in witchy velvet dresses and handkerchief-hem floral frocks. She finished her looks with chunky wooden platform clogs.

Oversized Collars

Big collars were a key feature of many men’s clothing styles in the 70s. This bold stylistic trend lent itself to a variety of casual looks including embroidered western-style shirts and satin shirts worn with drainpipe trousers. Glam rockers adorned themselves with frilled shirts and tuxedo jackets with wide lapels for a dramatic effect.

Men wore oversized patterned shirts in brightly colored satin or silk as part of the aptly-named peacock revolution. This flamboyant style was not just for show, however.

Give Victorian-inspired embroidered and lace collars a contemporary twist by teaming them with monochrome or pastel colour palettes. Or, keep it casual by pairing a lilac collar cardigan with black wide leg trousers and trainers.

Shearling Coats

Shearling coats are a perennial winter staple. A shearling jacket fuses a rugged, utilitarian aesthetic with a luxuriously soft fleece lining. The resulting style is incredibly warm and comfortable, while also adding texture to any outfit.

From classic shearling peacoats (think Kaia Gerber) to luxe faux fur styles from Acne, the range of lengths and colors available means there’s a shearling coat to suit everyone. Varying textures and finishes adds interest to the look, while brands like Stand Studio reimagine the design in vibrant color palettes and prints for a more contemporary take on the trend.

When choosing a shearling coat, ensure it’s authentic by checking the backing – genuine shearling won’t shed easily. Pair with jeans, loafers and a chunky scarf for effortless weekend-wardrobe elegance.

Knitting & Crocheting

The 70s saw a resurgence in knitting and crochet as fashion-forward women sought to add a touch of bohemian flair to their outfits. Oversized collars infused conservative leisure suits and button-up shirts with campy disco glamour, while handkerchief-hem floral frocks and airy fringe shawls showcased a love of nature and folklore.

Fashion icons like Fleetwood Mac singer Stevie Nicks cultivated a natural style that manifested through earthy tones and textured fabrics. She often finished her look with a pair of chunky platform clogs, which are known for their wood-soled designs and evocative shapes.

Channel your inner ’70s It-girl with a wrap dress that accentuates the waist and flatters your figure. Pair it with a simple top and casual denim for an easy, everyday ensemble.

Balloon Sleeves

One of the most daring 70s trends, balloon sleeves infused blouses and dresses with a sense of whimsicality. Pair this 70s fashion trend with a flowing maxi dress in a bold printed fabric for a bohemian look, or create an elegant, retro ensemble by tying a flowy shirtdress around your waist and pairing it with over-the-knee boots.

Oversized collars were a popular accent on leisure suits and button-up shirts, transforming conservative styles with a dose of campy disco glamour. Add height to your outfit with platform shoes, and wear floppy hats for a casual yet feminine look. Leather and suede also made a comeback in 70s fashion, seen in jackets, vests and bags.

Oversized Sunglasses

The hippie look that dominated the 60s carried into the 70s, from Farah Fawcett hair-does to bell bottom pants and button front blouses. Oversized sunglasses became a popular fashion accessory to wear with these out-there outfits. Thin wire frames gave way to butterfly styles that are oversized and thickly framed, as well as aviator glasses with a double-bridge design and square frames.

These thick-framed oversized sunglasses will give you that authentic 70s style. Just make sure the lenses aren’t too large so they don’t touch your cheeks when you smile or relax. Try earthy colors like burgundy and maroons for the best look.

Silk Scarves

While many styles from the 70s had a functional purpose, silk scarves really brought an extra dose of glamour to women’s outfits. You can still rock this versatile accessory today, but with a more modern twist like a woven straw hat or metallic fringe.

Wide-leg trousers and dresses were popular for men and women alike in the 70s. To embrace this silhouette, pair high-waisted flared jeans or pants with a tucked-in shirt and add a wide belt to accent your waist.

Maxi dresses that flowed and floated evoked a bohemian style. Reformation’s Chaylyn dress has a pretty floral design that is reminiscent of the decade, while contrasting black trim keeps it feeling contemporary.

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