Catching Trends Early and Selling Fashion at an Affordable Price

How Fashion Nova Started

Fashion Nova catches trends early and sells them at an affordable price. Its team works around the clock to launch new styles every week.

The company has a wide variety of marketing strategies that include events, influencer partnerships, and social media. The brand invites customers to post pictures of themselves wearing their clothes on Instagram and encourages them to use the hashtag #NovaBabe.

Founder Richard Saghian

Saghian’s father owned women’s clothing stores where he worked during his summers, and this experience helped him realize that offering value to customers was crucial to success. In 2006, Saghian started Fashion Nova as a chain of low-price “clubwear” stores in Los Angeles malls. The e-commerce site launched in 2013, and Instagram was central to online sales from the beginning. With a bordering macro-influence, Saghian parlayed his followers into a loyal customer base for his brand.

Saghian knew the secret to a successful brand was user-generated content, and he leveraged social media to its fullest extent. He used the #NovaBabes hashtag to encourage customers to post their pictures wearing his clothes. The company would then like and feature the photos. This helped the company gain traction and increase revenue.

In addition, Saghian started partnering with celebrities and influencers to promote his clothing. He understood that these women had big followings and a lot of clout. By using these people to help him market his business, he was able to build a massive empire.

Social Media

Fashion Nova’s success is largely thanks to its social media presence. The company routinely reposts photos from influencers wearing its clothes with the hashtag #NovaBabe. This user-generated content (UGC) strategy is one of the most effective ways to drive sales.

Saghian’s father owned women’s clothing stores, and he used his experience in the retail industry to understand how to reach consumers online. He found that trends were moving faster on Instagram and e-commerce websites than in brick and mortar stores.

He started his own website and a team to track the latest styles on social media. They then designed and sourced sample pieces from manufacturers around Los Angeles. Within 48 hours, the brand would have a new item ready to be posted on Instagram and sell out quickly.

The brand uses both paid influencers and micro-influencers to promote its pieces. The micro-influencers typically choose several items to post on their accounts, and the brand often provides them with additional perks, such as free clothes or discount codes. A single post from a popular influencer can generate $50,000 in sales, Saghian says.


One of the key factors behind Fashion Nova’s success is its use of influencers. The company collaborates with celebrities and social media influencers like Cardi B, Kylie Jenner, and Blac Chyna to promote its clothes. In addition, it has a huge network of so-called “NovaBabes” who post pictures of themselves in the company’s clothing on Instagram.

Saghian knew the blog culture around fashion was massive and started reaching out to fashion bloggers almost from the start of his business. He used his image as a fun and inclusive brand for all women, including those with more curves, to link up with the most popular bloggers online. Many of these bloggers have thousands of followers and subscribers on their social media sites and blogs, and their posts can make or break a product.

In order to reach a broader audience, Fashion Nova has also encouraged customers to post pictures of themselves in the company’s clothes on social media with the hashtag #NovaBabe. This user-generated content has boosted sales and increased brand recognition. Entrepreneurs can emulate this approach by encouraging their own customers to post about the products they buy.

Brand Image

Fashion Nova’s brand image is that of a fun and inclusive company that embraces all women, including plus-size women. The brand regularly releases a wide range of styles that customers can purchase online and have delivered to their homes. This eCommerce model allows the company to reach consumers all over the world.

The brand focuses on social media marketing to promote its clothes. Its Instagram page has 21.4 million followers, and the company posts fresh content every half an hour. It also has a separate Instagram account for plus-size women and one for men.

The brand’s success can be attributed to its careful use of social media and influencer marketing. Business owners can take a cue from Fashion Nova’s strategy by leveraging Instagram to increase their sales and brand awareness. They should also consider partnering with influencers with a niche following. This will help them connect with a large audience and increase their conversion rate.

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